Our Company

In the west pavilion, at the stand number 75 of the Agri-Food Center of Rome, you will find the F-F-Fruits head office, which is leader in the sector of fruits and vegetables in Italy and Europe. The organizational structure of this company, very efficient and dynamic, along with a constant attention and care for the evolution of the market, allows us to meet the expectations and the requests of the big distribution with rapidity, efficiency and precision. A special attention is given to the technologic innovation process that allows constant monitoring of the cold chain and traceability of products, allowing us to carry on the tables of the final consumer a product with unchanged characteristics, such as to ensure the highest standards of quality, freshness and naturalness of our fruits and vegetables. The constant attention to new market requirements has enabled the F-F-Fruits to specialize and succeed in three distinct branches: the Italian market, the business of import-export and supply network at home.


The philosophy of the F-F-Fruits is the "total quality" - the quality of raw material which reaches the consumer's table, involving all stages of the production process, logistics, distribution and trading. F-F stands for Fabio and Francesco, the two young entrepreneurs at the head of the company that made from "internationalization" and "specialization" their own guidelines. Fabio, methodical, determined in his choices, the supporting and stabilizing backbone of the company and Francesco - visionary, tenacious and with an innate entrepreneurial ability, were able to bring the F-F-Fruits to become a leader in the fruit and vegetable sector. In Italy and abroad, the company differentiates itself from its competitors by the vastness of the products offered at competitive prices always making the most of the network of contacts with the main Italian and international producers.