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Thanks to its flexible logistics system, F-F-Fruits is able to be present with its products on the main national and international markets.

With a wide range of products through direct contact with the main markets of Italy, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central America, the F-F-Fruits supplies the Italians and foreigners leading brands of food distribution, as well as important wholesale operators, proving to be an extremely reliable partner with high logistics capabilities. These features have an increasing importance in the market of fruit and vegetables, where the most important operators are looking for partners that allows them to optimize their costs.

Cost Competitiveness: The F-F-Fruits policy is to communicate the price of each individual product on a daily basis, considering the fact that the prices for fruit and vegetable fluctuates daily. Following the real trend of the market, the F-F-Fruits is able to offer consistently competitive prices compared to the list prices. A quick and effective method which allows to each and every customer, located in various parts of the world, to choose which products to buy, on what day and at what economic condition.